When It’s Not Just Windows

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So, you intend to invest in the best window treatments, but which method do you choose? This is natural because people have different tastes. Today, the market is full of window treatment options-blinds, curtains, blinds, curtains, and curtains for you to enjoy. However, let’s be honest. A window treatment is just a fancy terminology for blinds or curtains. 

Blinds are technically just difficult window treatments that consist of removable slats that can be opened and closed with a rope system. Curtains or drapes are the most decorative window treatments, and these terms are often used interchangeably as full length panels. Curtains change the room in the form of vibrant tulle and lush velvet and add a touch of character to the space. They can also filter or block the light when decorating and line up for thermal insulation. 

Blinds and curtains are great for small windows, offices, and budget shopping. If you have a small home office window, remember that window decorating is part of the office design. The new type and / or color of the window treatment can dramatically change your office climate. 

On the other hand, if you are wanting a window treatment for a very large window like a sun room, then you may need to go about decorating that a bit differently. There are many ideas online for example, searching any sunroom window treatments murrells inlet sc will show many options and suggestions for decorating a sun room window. In this instance, less is probably more as the whole purpose of a sun room is to showcase the windows while letting light in. 

When neither a traditional blind or curtain just won’t due, as in the case of a sun room, there is another option. The window are only partially covered with a window treatment, a design knows as Cafe curtains. Cafe curtains are half-height, usually with hem and eyelet, and are probably the most obvious choice, when deciding on a window treatment for a sun room. 

Regardless of the area you are decorating, know that all window treatments are not the same and you must make your choice not only on style but functionality as well. Sometimes it’s bright and bright as your interior and afternoon sun, but when you’re looking for sleep and a little bit of confidentiality, high-end window treatments may be your best friend. 

At the same time, when considering your decor, the type of window style you have is the most important thing. If you have beautifully crafted windows already, you may not want to hide them with a window treatment but rather enhance them. 

The right curtains or blinds can add that extra pop that your space needs and even change the whole mood and feel as well as look of the room. For instance, in your bedroom you may want to go for heavier and darker curtains for a sexier feel, whereas in your office, you may want something more modern and clean. Though changing your window treatments is not like having open heart surgery or anything that serious, you should still take your time and shop around. Remember to look for style yet functionality but mostly, what makes you feel good!

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