Things To Watch For In Your Chimney

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Most people don’t think about their chimney much and probably take it for granted. While a chimney is usually rather hassle-free, if it needs to be repaired the problems need to be addressed as quickly as possible before you have to use it again. This is because a messed up chimney can be a fire hazard that could potentially damage your home in a considerable way. Here are a few signs that your home needs chimney repair Seattle WA

Rust Is Present 

When it comes to any part of your home, rust is usually a bad sign and shows that there may be even bigger problems structurally to look into. While much of the chimney is made up of bricks, parts such as the damper and firebox and generally made of metal and should be inspected for rust regularly. If there is rust on these parts, it is a sign that there is too much moisture that is getting into your chimney. If there is enough moisture getting in to cause rust, there could be problems like cracked material in the flue or other parts of your fireplace. A special camera can be inserted into the different parts of your system to visually inspect for damage. 

White Staining 

If you see white staining around your chimney, it can likely be cleaned off relatively easily. Unfortunately, the staining shouldn’t be there and just cleaning the residue off does not do anything to fix the problem. The white staining is a sign that the masonry has more moisture in it than it should and this can lead to it deteriorating much quicker than it should if it had been properly maintained throughout the years. 

There’s Chimney Tile In The Fireplace 

When you see slices of chimney tile in your fireplace, what you are seeing is actually called shale. It is a sure sign that there are deterioration issues that need to be addressed quickly. The tile is an important part of the chimney and acts as a lining to prevent a fire from spreading. It’s a good idea to have a professional come out and inspect it every single year to ensure that it is still in good shape. This should be done before you ever light a fire in the fireplace. 

Damage On Your Walls 

If you notice bubbling paint or damaged wallpaper on your walls near your fireplace. This type of indicated that your fireplace is not properly sealed and moisture is getting into your home because of it. It’s a very visible sign that there is damage to your chimney that you need to get repaired. 

Damaged Crown 

The crown on your chimney is the first thing that defends your system from the elements. In order to see this damage, you will need to climb up on the roof. This is something to consider doing when you are cleaning out the gutters or doing other repair work on the roof of your home.


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