Bed Bugs Developing Tolerance To Common Sprays

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Bed bugs are still a major problem, say officials. Because you don’t hear much about them nowadays, they were thought to have been eradicated, but they are still at epidemic levels. In fact, these pests outnumber all other pests in major cities. Some localities have seen a 1000 percent increase in these bugs, and on the list of states with the worst bed bug infestations is North Carolina. When it comes to pest control service Greenville NC has seen a resurgence of the need for extermination. It’s become so out of control that communities are scrambling for information on how to get rid of bed bugs. 

How Are Bed Bugs Thriving? 

It’s not poor sanitation, bad hygiene, or anything to do with social or economic status. These little hitchhikers hang on to unsuspecting individuals who are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Individuals bring them back to homes where they quickly populate warm, dark areas. These bugs thrive in the smallest hovels to the finest million-dollar homes, and five-star hotels. Unfortunately for many, the devastation is physical and emotional. 

Can’t I Exterminate On My Own? 

Unfortunately, bed bugs don’t die that easily. Over-the-counter pest control sprays are not the same as commercial products. Pesticides have become less effective because these pests consistently develop a higher tolerance for them. They are now highly resistant to many pesticides and insecticides. They are also skillful in hide and seek, giving them full and free access to every part of the home. Closets, coat pockets, bookcases and inside books, electrical appliances, curtain rods, and mattresses, and any place you could imagine a small, flat bug could hide, they have infiltrated. Besides reproducing quickly, they can hibernate without food for up to a year. And there is no large-scale solution to this problem. Most people try and deal with the problem themselves, only to find out there are still bed bugs and new eggs that surface. Establishing a foothold in this war can be overwhelming, therefore we need to shift to preventive measures. 

Are Bed Bugs Dangerous? 

For years, it was said that these bloodsuckers do not transmit diseases, but studies confirm that they can transmit parasites. In any case, it’s smart to seek medical attention. In most cases, the bites can be treated with over-the-counter ointments or medications. Depending on the intensity of the itching and type of reaction, agents such as cortisone or hydrocortisone may be used. 

Ridding Your Home Of Bed Bugs 

If you have an infestation you’ll notice bed bug excrement, blood spots, and eggs. Here’s the problem: the females lay about twelve eggs per day – up to 200 in their lifetime. Most of us cannot say with certainty that the bugs and eggs have been completely eliminated. Experts say if you feel that bed bugs may have taken root, it’s best to contact professionals. This is the only way to eliminate the bugs at all stages and ensure you don’t have any little hitchhikers hibernating in unforeseen areas of the home.


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