Why You Should Use a Septic Tank

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Producing wastewater is a natural mechanism used by many different household functions. From washing dishes to cleaning the house to removing waste from toilets all require a clearing of wastewater. This makes septic tanks a desirable option as they function as small scale waste removal systems that are not connected to the system of a local government or any private corporations. Septic tanks are used in places where a municipality is absent or when a house does not fall into the municipality zone, which means it cannot be covered by the laws and policies of the said municipality and the homeowners have to take responsibility for their water supply and waste removal independently. 

Since getting rid of waste is a necessity, it cannot be overlooked and hence a sewer or a septic tank installation is necessary. There are many positive aspects of a septic tank, especially if you’re a person whose concerns are about conserving the environment. As the primary reason for installing a septic tank is understood, the beneficial processes that the tank employs must also be understood. A septic tank reduces pollution by using drain fields to naturally distribute minerals that have been filtered out from the sewage water into the soil. The minerals that are absorbed into the soil serve as natural fertilizers and help the plants grow. This gives you the benefit of growing plants without paying extra for it. 

A septic tank ensues the formation of three layers, namely: 
– The scum layer: this is a layer formed by fats, oil and grease which collect on the surface forming a thick film. 
– The effluent layer: this is a layer which is known as the clear water layer. 
– The sludge layer: this is a layer in which solids collect after sinking to the bottom. 

Bacteria that are found in the septic tank are responsible for breaking down the organic solids causing the formation of the three layers mentioned above. This process helps reduce the accumulation of the sludge in the tank. The scum layer plasters the waste water by blocking out the odors from releasing into the air. The effluent layer is known as the treated layer that is carried out through the drain pipes into the soil for further treatment. The effluent containing vast amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus is beneficial to the soil. However, the effluent also contains viruses, bacteria and pathogens, which the natural soil processes kill off. 

However, what’s equally important is the installation and handling of a septic tank. Septic tank installation Cincinnati OH offers expert technicians and plumbers that have experience in this field. They’ll make sure the tank is positioned in a proper sustainable way. The installation of the tank is the main course of action, and if not done properly the whole system can backfire. 

Since using a public sewer system can be expensive but a sewage tank makes an affordable option. It also has numerous benefits given its natural and eco friendly features. There are many other factors that you should consider when choosing a waste system to install. The cost, longevity, maintenance and carbon footprint should all be taken into consideration. You should do your best to play a positive role in the society. The choices you make today will impact the future generation and their concerns towards the environment.


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