Words Of Advice For Window Installation

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You won’t have to search far for a window installer to install windows for your new home or replacement windows for your existing home. There are many to choose from. Even though there are many contractors, time and care should be taken when hiring a window installer. Installing new windows is a great way to protect your home while adding beauty to your investment. 

Do Your Research 

Doing your due diligence may just save you problems in the long run. Do a simple internet search and compile a list of window installers to contact. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if these installers are in good standing. Verify if the window installer is manufactured trained or certified. The installer you choose should also have an actual physical business address that is verifiable. Make sure there is a working phone number and not one that is always answered by a machine, or an answering service. Go to their website and read about the services they offer. There are many beautiful windows in a wide range. Bi-fold doors perth are a great example of installed windows 

The Consultation 

You should have a consultation with at least three window installers. Actually qualify them before inviting them onto your property. Here are some questions you should ask them: What is your warranty? The standard warranty on windows is usually 10 years. There are also some warranties with 20 year warranties on the glass. Can they provide references from previous customers? Ask to see photos of completed jobs. Request a few names and phone numbers of recent customers. It is important to choose a windows installation company that will stand behind its work and cares about the customer’s interest. Also verify with previous customers that the installer was responsive to changes or any repairs. You will also want to know if the work was completed in the agreed upon time frame. It is important to remember that the weather can also have an adverse effect on the install time. 

Are They Licensed and Insured? 

Protecting your largest investment and yourself should be a priority. Verify that your window installer is insured with liability insurance and workers compensation. The installer should also be licensed if required by your state. 

The Details Matter 

Get at least three estimates and examine them closely. The specifics of the estimate should include the brand of the window installed, the number of the windows to be installed, the type and size of the windows to be installed. You should also be given information on the insulation and the sealing of the windows. There should also be a break down of the materials and labor costs. Don’t forget to ask how long the installation project will take. 

Take Time To Read The Fine Print 

If there is a problem with your windows or the installation in a few years, you want to make sure the work is covered. The windows are usually covered by a typical 10 year warranty. The window installer should also offer the customer a workmanship warranty that covers the work for at least two years. A warranty on the actual work is important because windows usually break or need repair because of poor installation.


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