Top Things to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

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Whether you want to have your roof inspected, you need repairs, or you need a new roof you will need a roofing contractor. Not every contractor is equality. There are several things about hiring a roofing contractor Gig Harbor WA residents should consider. The following list can help you choose the best contractor to work on your roof, and save you a lot of stress and aggravation down the line. 

License and Insurance 

When you’re contractor has a license, you know that they have met the requirements set forth by the state for licensing. This is an indication that the contractor has proven that he or she knows the rules, regulations and has the experience to get the job done correctly, and in accordance with building codes. Insurance protects you, the homeowner, in the event that damage or injury occurs during the process of working on your home. It may be tempting to hire a friend, or even an uninsured handyman, but what you may think of as a money saving option, could turn out to be very expensive. 


So many homeowners don’t take the time to check references and it’s a shame. So much unhappiness and stress could be avoided by doing so. Ask for references and then contact them. You might be alerted to certain situations or behaviors that are deal breakers for you. It’s better to find out ahead of time instead of after you’ve hired someone. 

Pay Attention to the Contract 

No matter what you discuss, if it’s not in the contract, you can’t count on it. If you discuss anything after the contract is drawn up make sure that it’s added in. If it’s not, you don’t have a legal cause for action in the event that the job is not completed in the way that you specified. Also, don’t sign a contract unless you’re sure. A good contractor won’t pressure you into signing. 

Check with the BBB 

The Better Business Bureau is a wonderful resource that homeowners should take advantage of. Check out any company that you consider doing business with. While it’s common for even excellent companies to have a complaint once in a while, you”ll see how these complaints are handled and how many have been made. If you see a pattern, you’ll know to steer clear. 

Make Sure to Get a Warranty 

Your contractor should be able to offer you a warranty on materials and workmanship. As about this before you hire anyone. The warranty protects from defects in materials, and in any issues that come about due to workmanship. Armed with this list, you’re ready to hire your roofing contractor. Keep in mind that you are the client, and you have a right to information about licensing, insurance and references. You also have the right to make an informed decision, after doing your own research about a company. You owe it to yourself and your home to do so.


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