Tips For Hiring Plumbers

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You have been renting an apartment for years, but have finally made the decision that it is time to buy a home. One of the first things you should do after choosing the home that you want to live in for many years to come is to ensure your home is protected. One way of doing that is locating one of the plumbers Annapolis MD residents rely upon that can service your home. No two plumbers are exactly alike. You need to hire one that will protect what might be the largest investment in your life. With that type of commitment, why not start with hiring him to double check for any plumbing issues the home inspection might have missed. If he can save you money upfront he will prove his worth even before the interview stage. 

The Interview Stage 

Hmm, talk about foreshadowing, but yes it’s very important to interview a plumber before hiring him. Ask about any charges that might be added onto his repair charges based on the time of day or day of the month you need services. Some will add on “emergency charges” based on the date or time. Others will charge additional fees depending on the outdoor temperature. Ask about these so you don’t get stuck with those surprise charges. 

Interview His Clients 

Ask the plumber you are considering hiring as your regular plumber for a list of references you can speak with. Ask those references questions about the plumber’s reliability, quality of work, and how quick he is to respond to emergencies. These are all questions you can get an honest answer from his reference about. 

What Can’t He Do? 

Not every plumber can solve every plumbing problem. There will be some that he has to call in additional help for. Find out from your plumber who will be covering the additional cost. Ideally, it will come out of his pocket, but if so you should be prepared to pay more for that service. There are some services that the plumber may not be able to handle even with assistance and you will have to hire someone else. Ask him about this before hiring him so you don’t wait for a response and let the situation get worse when it occurs. 

Insurance/Refund Policy 

Ask your plumber if he guarantees his work? If so, find out in what way he guarantees his work. Will he refund your money if he has to come out to fix a problem he supposedly repaired in the past? What happens if a plumber you hire after him signs off in writing that previous work was completed incorrectly? Ask how long you have to ask for a full or partial refund on his work. On the other side of things, ask if he will give you a credit towards future repairs for any referrals you provide for him. Creating a relationship with your plumber can be very financially advantageous for you, as you can be involved in success.


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