The Installation Of Heat Pumps

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Heat is a commodity that benefits civilization and domestic life on a large scale. However there are several components that comprise the process in which heat is generated to the population. This involves the effort and contribution of heat pump installation sydney because without the installation process that plumbers do in order for these things to work, there would be no convenient way to get the hot air we take for granted so often. It is in this article that we will delve into the plumbing involved with installing these fascinating things, as well as the heat pump itself with all of its complex parts. 

What exactly is a heat pump? Well according to Wikipedia a heat pump is a transporter of heat by utilizing the cold air and converting it into warm air while simultaneously moving it into the designated area. It is comprised of a cooler, a device that controls refrigeration, an evaporator, and a gas compressor. These things combined are used to make the air cooler or warmer by switching the process in which it operates. Heat pumps are a higher ticket installation, but compared to the standard resistance heater it remains superior in its unique ability to generate heat or cold three to four times more efficiently than a regular heater while using the same amount of energy required for application. 

How is the heat pump installed by plumbers? According to certain resources all a plumber would need to make this happen is a drill, hammer, level, hole saw, a few pliers, a wire stripper, a cable tie, and tape. The first thing required when installing the heat pump is a condenser which is the part that makes the air enter the rooms of the house. The location of the condenser is outside of the home and when its set up it needs to be four inches from the house and twenty inches from the surrounding grass and other objects. After the condenser is set up the air mount is next to go for plumbing. It needs to be located within thirty feet of the condenser because they are connected only by so much wire. The air mount needs to be placed inside of a house but nowhere near a television. To connect the wires that go from the condenser to the air mount, a plumber would need to fish the wires through the walls and make it so that the cords are as protected as possible especially while fastening the ends together. 

Afterwards to finish the installation a plumber would need to cover the wires sticking out from the wall to the condenser. This can be done with an electric plug covering. Hypothetically the price of one of these things to be installed by an individual plumber would be floating around the area of five grand, which is a big number on the average persons financial statement but it could be done individually as well if one knows the plumbing involved with this particular installation.


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