Signs Of A Termite Infestation

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Is there anything more disturbing as a homeowner than coming to realize that you are dealing with an infestation? Having a pest infestation can make you feel dirty, gross and violated. After all, none of us believe that we are fundamentally dirty people. So how can we end up with an infestation? The truth is, dealing with pests is just another aspect of life. Depending on what kind of infestation you have, you might need to move quickly or you might have a little bit of time. Today, we are going to be talking about termites. 

Handling Termites In Your Home 

Termites. The name itself probably brings to mind cartoons of old trees being born out and tossed aside. The truth is, termites are quiet pests that do serious damage to your home and your garden. In your home, termites can be hard to spot but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing damage. In fact, if left unchecked you can find that termites can cause serious, expensive damages that will be a headache to deal with. Unfortunately, some of the signs and symptoms of a termite infestation can be hard to catch unless you know what you’re looking for. Before you call up any residential termite control springfield il has to offer, keep on reading. Let’s outline a few symptoms of a termite infestation. 

1) Sounds From Your Walls – Did you know that the ‘soldier’ termites make noise as they wander around through your home? Soldier termites, or worker termites, tend to bang their heads as they eat away at the wood. You can actually hear a quiet clicking noise coming from areas that are infested with termites. If you have a suspicion of a termite infestation, turn off all the sound producing devices in your home and just listen. 

2) Watch For Droppings – With drywood termites specifically, it can be easy to find their droppings in your home. Known as ‘frass’, termite droppings are left behind by termites because they don’t use their feces for any type of work. Termite droppings typically pop up as a dark black mark or a powdery substance near wherever it is that they are working away at their harvest. 

3) Tunnels In Wood – You aren’t going to see this specific symptom unless you are actively looking for an infestation. If you crack open a piece of thick wood and you see there are tunnels burrowed into the wood, the odds are good that you are dealing with a termite infestation. Thankfully, the best termite exterminators will have pieces of equipment that they can use in order to check for termites without having to actually cut into your wood. If you fear that you may have a termite infestation, you need to consider bringing in a professional exterminator. Termite infestations aren’t a joke and you can end up in a world of trouble if you let them keep going with their work after finding out that they are there. 

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