Keeping Bugs From Invading Your Bed

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There’s nothing like being in your bed and feeling something crawling over your skin. It could be dust settling from the room or just a random piece of fuzz. Sometimes, the crawling sensation that you’re feeling could be bedbugs. These are small insects that are sometimes hard to see with the naked eye. They often try to hide in the cover of darkness so that they can’t be found. With the right treatments, you can control them and get them out of your home. 

A professional bed bug treatment cincinnati companies offer can quickly get rid of the pests, but you might need to have someone come to your home multiple times in order for the treatment to be successful. The first thing that you need to do is determine where the bugs are located in your home. Just because they are called bed bugs doesn’t always mean that they hide in your bed. Since they are so small, they can get into any tiny spot in your home. They can hide in the crevices of your box springs or in the crevices of your living room furniture, such as your couch or your chairs. Bed bugs can hide in curtains and even in your closets. Check the electrical outlets as well and along the baseboards. You can sometimes use a flashlight to try to see the bugs in their hiding places. 

Most bed bugs are dark red or brown. They look like tiny specks of dirt and are easiest to see on white material or on lighter colors. When you’ve discovered that there is an infestation in your home, you need to take the steps to get it under control. Use your vacuum every day to get as many bugs contained as you can. You need to vacuum everything from your furniture to the curtains and your beds. After vacuuming, remove the bag or the canister. Throw away the bag, or clean the canister with hot water after throwing away the contents. Repeat the process for several days until you no longer see any signs of bed bugs in your home. 

Wash your linens, stuffed animals, and clothing in hot water. Dry your linens on a high heat setting. Try to clean your furniture, but if you can’t clean it the proper way, then consider getting rid of it and getting new furniture. You can do the same thing with the curtains on the windows. Once everything has been washed or sealed in plastic bags, you can begin cleaning your home. Remove any hiding places for bed bugs, such as cardboard boxes or stacks of books. Apply caulk to any holes that you see on the wall or any cracks that you see on the walls. There are a few treatments that you can use in your home to get rid of bugs. Combine ammonia and water in a spray bottle to use as a cleaner. You can also make a mixture of vinegar and water with a little lemon juice.

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