Fixing The Flea Issue In Your Home

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If you have pets in your home at any time, there is a good possibility that you have fleas. They are common pests that jump from one area to another and can quickly multiply from a few to hundreds. If you do a few simple tasks in your home, then you can control these small pests that make your pets itch and stand a good chance of getting rid of them altogether. 

The first step in any flea control perth companies can provide is determining the source of the pests. If you don’t have pets in your home, then you could be bringing them in on your clothing or other items when you go inside your home. There are treatments that you can get for your pets that can be put on their skin or that they can take orally. You need to follow all of the directions on the package when you use the treatment as pets that are larger will usually need more of the product than pets that are smaller. There are products for cats and those for dogs. You need to make sure you use the right product on the specified animal because there are usually different ingredients and strengths for each species. A flea collar is a good option to consider if you don’t want to use topical or oral treatments. 

Once you have the treatments in place, a good flea bath can help to kill some of the fleas that are on your pets. While this might not get rid of any eggs, it can get rid of the majority of the adults that are seen. After the bath, use a flea comb to remove as many fleas as possible. You will usually need to bathe your pets every few days until you no longer see any signs of fleas on them. 

Taking care of fleas on your pets is rather easy if you use the right products. However, you can’t bathe your home in shampoo or put a flea collar on the outside of your home. There are products that you can put on your floor that can treat fleas. After they are put on the floor, vacuum and mop throughout the house. Use the products a few times until you don’t see fleas in your home. Empty the vacuum right after cleaning so that no fleas remain in the container. An option is to put a flea collar inside the vacuum canister or the bag so that there are chemicals that can kill the fleas with each run of the machine in your home. Wash your blankets and sheets as well as other linens that your pets might use in your home. 

After you get the fleas inside your home under control, you need to focus on getting rid of pests that are outside. Keep your lawn manicured. Don’t keep a lot of trash and debris piled around your house as pests of all kinds like to linger in hiding spaces. Insecticides can be used outdoors to keep fleas and pests to a minimum.

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