Your Lawn Represents Your Personality

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When we’re out of town we need to get our grass cut, so we always call the same people because they do a wonderful job on our lawn. The crew we call is reliable and punctual. They always trim around the hedges we planted in our backyard. The hedges in our backyard are close to the house, and if you don’t trim around them properly, we have weeds grow into our garden. We try our best to keep our yard looking great, but there’s only so much work we want to do in it on our own. We’re retired, so we would rather sit back and take it easy.

The garden out back is in full bloom this time of year, but it’s not going to stay that way for long. We’ll need to have someone come out to pick up all the dead growth eventually. Before the hedges get out of hand, we’ll have to have someone come out to cut them back as well. It’s a big job taking care of this huge estate, but we’ve managed to do it for most of the time we’ve lived here. We’re suddenly finding out that it’s nice to relax without having to care for the entire lawn by ourselves.

Our son used to help us take care of the grass, but he has his own property to manage these days. I’m sure he would come to help us with our lawn care needs, but we don’t want to ask him to have to go through all that trouble. We have a large piece of ground, so he would have to bring his riding mower to our neighborhood, and I know it’s a lot of work to load up the trailer he hauls it around on. He came to help us out before we found the crew we work with now.

The lawn care crew that we found is reliable, and they do a great job making our grass look even. I’m surprised how gorgeous our lawn looks when they’re done. They use a weed wacker to get rid of the overgrown weeds that grow around the stones leading down our front steps. The weeds shoot right up in a week or so, so I’m glad a lawn maintenance easton ct. is able to take care of our problem before they get out of hand. They’re polite, and they work quickly to make our grounds look pristine. 

We go for walks in the evenings. Before the sun goes down, we’re able to make it all the way around our grounds, but we wouldn’t feel like making it around our property if the grass was overgrown. It’s important for our mobility to keep that grass low because when it gets high we don’t feel like leaving the house. It makes us feel like we’re trapped in a jungle when the grass gets out of control. I bet it makes the neighbors happy to see cut us caring for our lawn as well.

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