Types And Preventative Measures Of Air Conditioners

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Air conditioners are a “must” when temperatures rise and when a problem occurs. It may be time to call an HVAC specialist. Find out about any air conditioning repair woodbridge va soon. 

Types Of Ac Repair Problems 

One common ac problem is if your ac leaks. When this happens your ac is either undercharged at installation or it leaks. If it is leaking, adding refrigerant will not solve the problem. An ac specialist, to fix the problem, will fix the leak, test the repair and then charge the system with the right amount of refrigerant. Another ac repair problem comes from poor maintenance. Air filters and air conditioning coils can become dirty, when they do, the air conditioner will not work well. This may cause the fans or compressor to fail. 

Other Types Of Ac Repair Problems 

Electric control failure is another common ac problem. Electric control failure is when the compressor and fan controls wear out. To prevent this from happening, electrical connections and contacts should be examined during a professional HVAC service call. Sensor problems are another common ac repair problem. In addition, drainage problems can also occur with an ac. It is important to check the condensate drain to ensure that it isn’t clogged and that it is draining properly. 

Things You And I Can Do To Prevent Ac Repair Problems 

One thing you and I can do to prevent ac repair problems is to turn off our air conditioners while mowing. Lawn remains can enter our outside air conditioners and prevent our air conditioners from performing as they should. Another preventative step is to keep air supply vents open and free from obstruction. Most importantly, be sure to get a seasonal tune-up. A once a year maintenance is important to keep your system working smoothly and to keep your warranty valid. 

Get Routine Pest Control Service 

Bugs can sneak into the electrical components inside your outdoor cooling equipment. Bugs could cause your air conditioner to malfunction. To prevent this, spread environmentally safe pesticide around the base of your outdoor air conditioner. It will stop insect infestation issues. 

What Does A Yearly Maintenance Ac Check Consist Of? 

Most HVAC experts say that a routine maintenance appointment is necessary and important for the life of your ac. A routine maintenance inspection consists of: a visual inspection of heating and cooling units, an outdoor unit inspection, fan assessment, air filter replacement, inspection of duct work, condensate drain examination, inspection of electrical connections, thermostat setting assessment, blower maintenance and cleaning and lubrication of parts. 

To conclude, air conditioners are a “must” when temperatures rise but when a problem occurs, it may be time to call an HVAC specialist. Make an appointment with an HVAC specialist to ensure that your ac will be working well during the coming spring and summer months. Talk with your HVAC maintenance expert soon and find out about other preventative ac measures.


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