Some Info on Concrete Lifting Services

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In building and construction, the contractors do a great job in providing excellent services for both homeowners and other real estate investors. For instance, they offer construction services such as concrete lifting lexington ky, which involves the leveling of the slab to increase its lifespan. These services are vital to prevent wear and tear of the surface material due to natural exposure. The slab lifting has proven to increase the life of contrite surfaces up to 50 years. With such, the cost of maintenance is lowered to a significant degree.

Generally, concrete sinking is quite a common occurrence. Usually, it happens when the initial installation was done poorly, or there was a water runoff. These two can affect the settling of the concrete. Therefore, there is a need to hire a contractor to carry out slab lifting. You should hire an experienced contractor for this, who will render the best services.

Pouring a Finishing Concrete

The concrete mixture is massive, and you need tools that will help you finish the project efficiently.  Before the pouring process, you will have to clear the ground and any object that can interfere in the process. You should as well prepare the subbase and subgrade. Before adding the subbase, you should ensure that the subgrade is in level and adequately compacted. For the subbase, you can choose closed or open grade stones which are less expensive and efficient. The compacting with a plate compactor is a must to make sure the layer is as per the standards required.

The wire mesh and a wooden perimeter ensure that the pouring of concrete is uniform and controlled. The mixture is in the ratio of 1:2:4, i.e., Cement, sand, and gravel in several measures. Water should be added in the concrete mixture to make concrete. After pouring the concrete, you can compress it if necessary. After that, you can use a 2X4 in leveling the concrete. For better finishing, you can prepare using a bull float. You should avoid making flat or rounded ends. It is always good to create smooth, rounded ends.

Wait now for the concrete to dry partially using the correct timing. You can wait for the water to evaporate and rise to the surface of the concrete. You can opt to apply a hardener on the top layer. By the use of a hand float, you can compact and smoothen the surface. The process of sealing should be professional.

In conclusion, slab lifting is a great idea for your building. Having a strong structure that will serve you for long should be your specific goal. While hiring a contractor for this, it is essential to confirm the type of materials he will use for lifting. Use of Rock Dust provides a light sub-grade material that has an inorganic matter that lasts for long. It works very well to cover the surface, thus, preventing any breakdown of the filler material. Therefore, you should not allow the contractor to use the topsoil though cheap since it will wear down with time. You should be concerned with the quality of the filler material used, which will guarantee a long life.


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