Ridding Pests from Your Home

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Household pests come in many forms. They range from the most destructive of construction materials in the form of termites to the most germ carrying in the form of rats, mice and cockroaches to the most scary and lethal in the form of spiders. Residential pest control services Chicago IL can alleviate the worry of most homeowners by eliminating all these creatures. 


Termites eat wood and anything that contains cellulose. They’ll also eat paper, plastic and drywall. Most only eat dry wood, but some will eat living trees, so its important to have your trees inspected also when you call for pest control. Before you can close on a house you intend to carry a mortgage on, your home will be required to pass a termite inspection. To keep your home in saleable condition, your pest control service will need to exercise regular termite prevention measures. 

Rats and Mice 

Rats and mice will chew just about anything. It’s even been reported that mice have caused fires after chewing through electrical wires in a home. They will gnaw and burrow into upholstery and insulation. Anything you value should be wrapped in plastic when you store it in a basement or attic if you are plagued with these rodents. They love to make nests from paper, cloth and wood, so none of your clothing, furniture or books are safe from the teeth of a mouse or a rat. 


Primitive roaches first appeared 350 million years ago during the Carboniferous period. The roaches we know today, first appeared 200 million years ago. These creatures are scavengers that room your home at night. They’ll eat almost anything including glue, leather, hair, soap, paste, grease and book bindings. Because they feed on waste, they can easily spread disease as they move about the home. And because they can live in small spaces, locating them can be difficult. A professional pest control service is the best way to rid your home of roaches and regularly scheduled visits are the most effective way to keep an apartment or condo free of cockroaches. 


In North America, the most common poisonous spiders are the brown recluse, which is found throughout the south; the brown violin spider, which resides in Hawaii; widows, which can be found all over America; the hobo spider a native of the western U.S. from Washington to Wyoming down to Colorado and Utah; and finally the yellow sac and black-footed spider that are located throughout the country. The only spiders that are known to be lethal (especially to the young and elderly) are the brown recluse and the black widow. Antivenin can save the life of anyone bitten by the black widow. There is no antivenin for the venom of the brown recluse. The brown recluse can also cause tissue loss and necrosis. The remaining poisonous spiders can cause painful and severe redness and sometimes oozing ulcerations. So, it’s important to keep your home from being overrun by spiders, especially if you have young children in your household. Pest control is once again your best solution. 

Controlling the pests that naturally seek shelter in any structure is the best solution to a safe, clean and germ-free home. It is easy to enlist the help of a pest control service and have them regularly spray or put out baits for the pests inhabiting your home. In no time, your home will be pest free.




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