Choosing the Perfect Garage Door

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Your home includes the entire square footage of the building and its parking structure. So you want to have a garage door that accents your home. It is after all, a very important part of the image your home presents to the world. Your garage door is the face of a large portion of your home. It should accent or add to the general look you’re trying to capture. A stucco home in Arizona should not have a metal garage door; instead it should probably have a wooden door, which clashes less with the stucco. Your garage door company Phoenix AZ could point out some other attractive options for stucco homes. 

Home Finishes 

Homes are finished with a brick façade, wood and vinyl siding, stone and stucco. The home’s façade plus the roof along with the other features of a home dictate which garage doors work with the home’s design. Luckily, the looks of garage doors has changed dramatically over the years. Today, you can find garage doors that complement a wide range of home designs. There are glass, steel, aluminum, wood and composite garage doors, plus doors made of a mix of materials. 

Garage Doors 

  • Single Car Garages have with a width of 14 feet by 22 feet in length and a door opening of 14 feet wide with a 7 feet height.
  • Double Car Garage Doors can range from 18 to 24 feet wide with a 7 feet height.
  • Triple Car Garage Doors can be up to 35.4 to 39 feet in width with a 7 feet height.
  • RV Garage Doors usually run 8 feet tall by 16 feet in width.

Garage Door Materials 

Garage doors can be made of steel, aluminum, vinyl, fiberglass, Masonite, sectional, tilt-up, plain glass panels and decorative glass panels. The doors can be manually opened or an automatic opening system and remote can be added with the garage door. Another consideration is whether or not to insulate your garage door. Today’s garage doors form a tighter seal against the home’s façade; still the outdoor heat or cold against the surface will affect the interior temperature. A garage door that is attached to a home with a room above the garage would benefit from having an insulated door as it may positively affect the energy usage for that part of the house. 

Garage Door Safety 

Garage doors are very large and because of their size more susceptible to being damaged during high winds unless they are reinforced properly. To ensure they are storm ready, they need to have specific weather-hardy hardware, added bracing and a heavier gauged tracking system. A built-in passive reinforcement system indicates the door is storm ready. 

When it’s time to replace your garage door or add a garage to your home, make sure you do your research and have considered all your needs before you choose your garage door. The design, the function and the safety all have to be considered, so choose wisely.


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