Turning a House Into A Home On A Budget

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Finally, everything is unpacked into your new home. You notice how bland your home looks, but since you just moved, funds are tight. How are you going to turn your house into a home on a budget? DIY (Do it yourself) is the best option. Fun and cheap! 
Now, Before you whip out the supplies you have, do some research. What do you like? What types of home decor make a house feel like a home? What is your budget? Make sure you know what your goals are before beginning. When doing ‘Do it yourself’ projects, you can also involve your family. There are many DIY projects that are perfect for children, families, and couples. Hey Date Night! Here are some suggestions below. 

Wall Art

Paint a canvas. Grab some paint and a stencil and have fun. You can find almost anything in stencil form, making your DIY canvas a breeze. If you want to try it without a stencil, that’s fine also. All art is beautiful! 
You can also find some cheap or old picture frames and put fabric in them instead of photos. Just imagine all the fabric and frame combinations! Tip: Spray paint old or faded frames the color you want. Old windows have a rustic feel that can bring life into any home. Use old windows to make pictures frames. The design ideas are endless. You can do almost anything with old windows. Another fun thing you can do is put scrap book paper into picture frames. You can write on them with a dry erase marker to make chore list, weekly menus, and notes. To me, wall art is extremely versatile and so much fun! 


This first one is a simple one. Wash all of your light fixtures. Most of the time, that is the last thing on the cleaning list. Take all light covers and give them a good wash, it will make your home brighter. One of my favorite things to make is mason jar pendant lamps. Using mason jars for lighting will give your home a comfy rustic feeling. You can use candles or purchase a hanging light kit. If you are a wine lover, you may have a few empty wine bottles. With the wine bottles, you can cut the bottoms off and place the bottle over a candle. Now, you have home decor light fixtures. They are absolutely beautiful! 


For an easy rug, take thick rope, cut it into strips and hot glue it together. Simple and rustic. Another Rustic cheap idea is the use of corks. It may take a while to collect all the corks or you can just buy them from a craft supply store. Use a non-slip mat and hot glue the corks in whatever fashion you may like. Fun Right? Last but not least, Have fun! One of the best feelings is knowing that you did everything yourself and you had fun doing it. When doing DIY projects, take your time and enjoy your self. The creations are endless.


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