Protecting Your Property Assets from Intruders

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My father always taught me never to leave the door open to our home for a good reason. Leaving the door open where I live might let in more than just flies. You might let snakes inside the house if you’re that careless. Snakes come from the woods outside my backyard’s garden. I’ve decided that they are okay staying in the woods because that’s their home, but I don’t want to see them inside my house. There’s another thing I don’t want to see inside my home; I don’t want to walk in to see some stranger inside my house either. 

This is exactly why we decided to upgrade the security measures around our property. No longer will strangers be able to approach our fence without a warning signal going to my pager or Bluetooth. I want to know who is on my property at all times. I’ve thought about hiring a freelance landscaper to work around the clock on the backyard, but he’ll really be in charge of keeping my home and garden safe from unnecessary guests, and I’m not talking about snakes from the woods this time. I need someone, or something to keep my property safe as can be, which is why I’ve invested so much of my free time away from the military protecting my home. 

Protecting my country wasn’t enough for me. I learned a great deal in the service about how to keep something secure, and how to keep an asset safe from intruders. Most of my jobs in the military involved keeping an asset safe from destruction, or theft. Shifts in the service for me were usually spent guarding some heavy machinery, or weapons arsenal. The way I protected those assets, I was promoted as high as the grand old flag would take me. Securing my home and garden is not much different than that. 

Let me be clear in saying I’m not talking about gun control here. I want to say that I’ll leave the guns out of securing my home because I have the best security systems in place. I’ve installed many security screens doors Penrith around my garden facilities, and the home has security cameras outside of each door. There is a low threshold for sound tolerated within the home, and a slightly higher threshold for sound tolerated within the garden (because of the critters running around in the garden). If the doors are messed with, or if the sound goes high enough, I get a message about my property assets. 

Being this safe in life is a necessity when you have valuable things to protect. I want to know that my home and garden are safe from intruders while I’m not around. If anything were to happen, the police are notified, my neighbors receive a call, and I have cameras to check in with any disturbance. Monitoring your property assets is easy in today’s technology savvy world. I’d like to thank everyone who helped put it together for me.


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