Making Changes to Your Home and Garden

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We live on a one-acre property, which is enough property to do with ourselves whatever we could have wanted in our dream home. We’ve made plenty of improvements to our home and garden ever since we were able to pay down the mortgage. Having the property as our own is becoming a reality, and we’re almost finished paying the mortgage all together. We’re trying to find the best way to celebrate the fact that we’ll finally own our home outright, with no other financial obligations. It’s hard to believe it is almost paid off after several years of working on the mortgage; we can’t wait to celebrate by adding onto our lovely home. 

We’ve already done so much to the inside of our lovely home ever since we bought this place. We loved the layout of the house when we moved into it. The floor plan was perfect to fit our needs. Since we didn’t have children when we moved into the house, we didn’t need more than one bedroom. We were happy with having just the bedroom and the office space. But when we had children everything changed. We had to turn our bedroom into a nursery for a few months. But eventually we made the office into the nursery. 

We completely changed the floor plan when our next child was born because we couldn’t push both children into living in the office space. We decided to add onto our house. We hired a professional to get the job done right because that’s one of our firm beliefs. If you know how to do something with your hands, you might be able to do little things around the house, but you shouldn’t be adding on an entire room to your home. If we’re not qualified, we believe in hiring a professional to come in to help with the project. We had a professional help us finish our basement, so we moved the children down there when they were older. 

Since we had the basement finished, we decided to put in a few amenities over the years. We added a swimming pool, so we’ve been able to cool down on the hot summer days. We also added a hot tub because we needed some place to relax when it gets cold outside. Having these features has really been helpful in entertaining the children, and it’s given us places to relax after work. We’re thinking about adding a steam shower to celebrate paying off the mortgage. We’re having professional come out to our home to give us their opinions. 

Having the time and money to make changes to our home and garden has certainly made our lives better. We have easier lives because of the extra room in the basement for our children to live in. We’re more relaxed with the extra space, and we enjoy life to the fullest with our beautiful amenities. Life is filled with simple pleasures, but it’s worth it to pay for some extra ones.

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