Enjoying A Clean, Beautiful Neighborhood

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Our neighborhood is a large part of our social life because we’re always engaged in the community clean up activities that meet each month to clean up our neighborhood. We have made plenty of friends this way. Everyone pitches in to clean up the neighborhood each month, which is why we have such a pretty little part of town. We’re near the water, so we’re doing a nice thing for our neighborhood and for the ocean. Our little neighborhood is filled with plenty of beautiful properties because the owners around here have done a lot to make their yards and homes look exquisite.

My wife and I were discussing this topic with our neighbor that lives down the end of the block yesterday. We saw the neighbor at the roadside gardening club where we buy fertilizer. The neighbor was telling us the next date for the meeting and clean up, so we went home and marked our calendars to avoid forgetting the date he mentioned. That neighbor was one of the first to come introduce himself to use when we moved into the neighborhood. He had the most elaborate garden on the entire block. When his flowers are in bloom for the season, people come from outside of our neighborhood to drive by his home because it’s so beautiful.

That neighbor with his garden isn’t on the water, so he spends more time on making his yard stand out with all types of flower arrangements and bushes. Our home is on the side of the street that faces the water, so we’re actually able to do a lot on the ocean. We’re out on our boat more than we ever could have imagined. If the weather is nice and we don’t have to work, we take the old dinghy out for a trip around the shore and back. We even meet up with some of our friends that live nearby that recently installed some hadco bollards to let us tie to when we visit. It’s nice to know where you can tie your boat when you go out for a voyage. We have a few stops like that where we can get off the boat and walk around.

Having a home on the ocean is absolutely amazing. The neighborhood looks clean, and the shore stays pretty clean. Thanks to our monthly meeting to clean up the neighborhood, we have a lovely little place to park our boat when we’re not out on the water. It’s a fine way to spend a summer day. When people come to visit us, they always comment on how clean out neighborhood is, and we tell them that we try to make the world a better place by keeping trash from floating off into the ocean. If they’re good friends, then we might even take them out on our boat to show them what we mean. We’re lucky to have such a beautiful place to raise our family. The water and the people are true gifts.

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