Designing Your Office

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If you are operating a business, there are two things you are always looking for new ways to do. Those things are finding ways to ave money and finding ways to save time. The more changes to your business plans and procedures that save time and money you make, the more profitable your company is. One of the ways to save both time and money is to rearrange the workstations that your employees use. Changing how they are designed and organized can save the company both time and money thanks to new work stations Northeast Philadelphia PA employees use. 

Get Employee Input On Work Station Design 

Assuming that this is a redesign of your office work space, before making any decisions, get your employees input. Your employees are the ones that are going to use the work stations on a daily basis. Ask your employees what items they feel are essential to have at their work stations. They can also provide input about how many shared devices such as printers and faxes are needed. Getting this input can do two things. The first is it can save you from overbuying of supplies. The second is that it can allow your employees to save time which will save your company time. 

Designing The Work Station 

As part of your discussion with your employees, find out how many drawers and shelves they want for their individual works spaces. Including shelves in the work space puts supplies in the view of your employees and easy to reach quickly. Include a set of shelves for work in progress and work that is completed. This will allow the desk for the employee’s work spaces to be better organized. Drawers with files should have a file rack and folders. Do not forget to keep some drawers empty for office supply storage. 

Work Station Layout 

Each work station should be designed in a very similar if not exactly the same way. This will make it easy for managers to locate items when employees are not in the office for the day. Shelves should be labeled for work that needs to be done, work that is in progress and work that has been completed but not turned in yet. Once again, this allows the office to operate efficiently if papers need to be located when an employee is not in the office. Allow the employee freedom in setting up the work space with a mouse pad, mouse, keyboard, wrist pad if the employee wants one, and office supplies. Provide tools for organization such as pencil holders, additional folder racks and pens and pencils in a central area so your employees know where they are. 

Organization Makes An Office More Efficient 

Many companies organize an office before they hire employees. Those employees then find that the set up is less than efficient. This trial and error method is perfectly acceptable to help redesign the work stations. Listen to your employees, making them happy and efficient improves your office’s efficiency.


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