Cleaning Up the Work Site Now that the Job is Done

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So you’ve finished the work on your site and it is time to clean up the site before your supervisor comes and inspects the job. What are the next steps? There are many things that can be done without machinery and then there are things which will require some machinery for cleanup. Before the final cleanup can be done on the property everything that can be moved back into its place ought to be returned to its normal storage area. IF there is any doubt about where a piece of equipment belongs when not in use the supervisor can be asked or if the property manager is on the work site they can also offer some practical instruction.

Putting Things Away

If you have xtra help you can ask them to chip in and put the heavy equipment back into their storage areas. Machinery with wheels need to be placed back into their parking places. Smaller machinery that can be rolled or pushed can also be placed back in their storage areas, where they will not be in the way of the cleaning machines when it arrives. Now that the heavy and light machines and vehicles have been returned to their place a thorough inspection can be done regarding the rented equipment to be returned. If there is no equipment to be returned you are ready for final spot cleaning.

Final Spot Cleaning

The final spot cleaning has to do with the concrete areas on the work site. This final phases can only be done with a pressure washer, especially for the removal of oil stains, chemicals, paints, grease, dirt, grime, and other removable waste materials. There is an industrial protocol understood that there are certain things that should never be washed with an industrial washer. 

Renting Equipment

You will need to contact a site that rents industrial washer. For example, if the property you are cleaning up for final inspection is in Dayton, perform a internet search for any Concrete Pressure Washing Dayton Oh service and the first page of search results should offer you any excellent choices. What you are looking for is a company with good reviews and offers equipment that is dependable, at a price fitting your job cleanup costs, and can either be delivered or picked up without too much hassle on your site. Once your equipment is delivered and you’ve cleaned up the work site, then it is time to contact the site property manager or the job supervisor to obtain final clearance on your work. 

Walking the Property

Foreman who are responsible for the site cleanup will make one last walk around the property before the site supervisor arrives. Considering that everyone did their assigned jobs there should be nothing to fix, or tidy up. After you have walked the property and lot and everything looks according to your expectations you can take confidence that your checklist is complete and ready for the supervisor to sign off on work completed.


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