How To Choose A Reputable Roofing Contractor

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Installing a new roof can add to the appeal of your home or building. Installing a new roof is a major investment. To protect your investment, take the time to find a reputable contractor. Choosing a skilled, reputable contractor is the best way to protect your property and the investment you’ve made in it. Before you begin your search for a contractor, there are a few things you should know. 

Have A Vision For Your Project 

Before contacting a roofing contractor, decide what kind of fence you want and need. Decide on a time frame as to when you want the project started and completed. Many roofing contractors are very busy but will try to work with your schedule. Decide on a budget for the project. Write all the details for your project down. By writing all the details down, you won’t forget anything when you meet with the contractor. The contractor will also have a clear idea of what you want done. 

Finding A Roofing Contractor 

There are several ways you can find a reputable contractor. Asking close friends and family members if they know of a contractor who does quality work is an excellent start. People are happy to share their experiences and will usually give very detailed information. Ask them for their opinion on the contractor, the price they were charged, and their satisfaction rate with the overall project. Try to get the names of at least three contractors from this network of people. 

If you prefer not to ask friends and family, there is the option of doing an internet search. Do a Google search such as any roofers cincinnati oh to find quality roofers. Compile a list of at least three roofing contractors. Most successful roofing contractors will have a web presence. Take a look at the photo galleries and the project videos posted on their sites. You may also find some customer testimonies provided. 

Schedule A Consultation 

During the consultation be sure to have your vision plan in front of you. Your plan will allow you to cover all the basis, and you will be less likely to forget important points. Ask the contractor what kinds of materials will be used. You’ll want to know how long it will take to complete the project, and will subcontractors be involved. Ask the contractor about his license and insurance coverage. It’s best to get a copy of the license and insurance coverage. You should then make a few phone calls to verify the validity of both. Make sure the contractor’s general liability and workers compensation insurance is in effect. If the contractor is not covered, the property owner could be liable for any accidents or injuries sustained on the site. If the contractor made any verbal promises, make sure those promises are documented in the contract. Be sure to always get a written estimate. Don’t ever pay the full price before all work is completed, and never pay in cash. Paying by credit card will protect you if there is a problem with the work. Some contractors will provide a scheduled payment agreement. And never feel pressured to sign a contract. A reputable roofing contractor will understand that you will be getting estimates from other roofing contractor. Make sure the contractor will provide a warranty for labor and all materials.

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