How to choose the right led light bulb for you lamp?

First, look at the screw. The size of the screw port must conform to the lamp holder. The common ones are E14, E26, E27, E40. Except for E26(lohasled e26 light bulb), three other types are common in USA. The number after E indicates the diameter of the thread under the bulb in millimeters. E27 means that the diameter is 27 mm. Second, look at the voltage. The domestic input voltage is AC 220V, which can be purchased on the market and meets the 220V input. This is printed on the outer packaging of the bulb. A friend of mine has purchased a Japanese light bulb. I wo n’t say the specific brand. I ca n’t use it when I get it back. It can be lit by plugging in, because the voltage is too high, and the brightness of the bulb is much brighter than normal. It will burn out soon. Third, look at the color temperature. Color temperature, as its name implies, is the temperature of the color. This thing is expressed by how many K is, the higher the value is, the higher the color temperature is, the color is blue, and the color is cold. For example, at clear noon and a large blue sky, at this time, the color temperature is about 11,000K.

For another example, the morning and evening glow, red, yellow, and yellow, give a warm feeling. At this time, the color temperature is around 1800K. The lower the color temperature value, the more it tends to red and warm colors. Different color temperatures give different feelings, so you have to choose differently. Commonly, writing desk lamps use warm colors of about 3000K. The kitchen is about 4000-5000K white. Fourth, look at the manifestation. The manifestation means the color rendering index. Represents the ability of light to reflect the color of an object. The value is from 0 to 100. The higher the value, the more saturated and realistic the colors will be. There are many adulterers doing the opposite. At the supermarket’s vegetables, fruits and meat, they will light a lamp, called a fresh lamp. Common inside is half red light and half white light. Because there is more red light, the apples and meat are more red and bright. You’d better take the fruit out of the range of this lamp and see if there are any bright colors you can see at first glance. Fifth, look at the wattage. It depends on the power of the bulb. The bigger the power, the more electricity it costs.

As for how many kilowatt-hours to use for an hour, please search for the answer on Google, and will not repeat them. The greater the power, the more light (luminous flux) the bulb can emit, so in this lighting environment, the more light your eyes receive, the more intense. So, it’s not as bright as possible. The lighting industry has a set of standards that define the illuminance at different locations in the home. Such as on the floor, on a writing desk, and so on. (There are also street lighting standards on the streets), but this one needs to use an illuminance meter. People, whoever buys it, will not use it. Therefore, you can only rely on your eyes. For a long time, the eyes are not dry and tears are the best.

Where Should You Buy A Used BMW?

The utilized BMW commercial center in the United States has been developing quickly since the most recent couple of years, for the most part in light of the fact that numerous BMW darlings have found the comfort of renting new BMWs and after that selecting more up to date models following 2 or 3 years. This pattern has surpassed the more seasoned pattern of purchasing a BMW with a 4 or 5 years vehicle credit. That is one reason why such a significant number of pre-possessed BMWs are hitting the market and being gobbled up by observing purchasers.

The wonder of the BMW rent has drastically changed the elements of the pre-claimed vehicle showcase by flooding it with sensibly evaluated extravagance autos in great condition. Until ten years back, a run of the mill pre-claimed BMW would be more similar to a battered old rattletrap than an extravagance auto; it’s an entirely unexpected ball game today, with most BMW merchants and utilized auto stores endeavoring to discover low mileage BMWs with a mishap free history.

Guaranteed pre-claimed (CPO) BMW program

The head auto producer has built up an utilized BMW affirmation agenda to help potential purchasers. With the end goal to fit the bill for this authentication, all pre-possessed BMWs must satisfy every one of the criteria spread out in the agenda. Moreover, a pre-claimed BMW that makes the CPO agenda and still happens to be secured under the first guarantee gets an additional 50,000 mile/multi year guarantee.

For example, anyone who purchases a 2007 utilized BMW X5 with say 25,000 miles on the odometer from an approved merchant will have around 4 years of the first guarantee. On the off chance that the auto passes the CPO agenda you would get – Remaining unique guarantee mileage in addition to CPO additional mileage – 25,000 + 50,000 = 75,000 miles.

It is conceivable to drive the utilized BMW 75,000 miles and still be secured under the guarantee program. In the event that you don’t drive long separations much of the time, you’d likewise get a multi year guarantee on the car. This implies you will appreciate numerous more long periods of driving your fantasy extravagance auto.

Best places to purchase a pre-possessed BMW auto

In perspective of the current market situation, it is best to purchase your BMW from an approved BMW merchant. Different choices incorporate well known sale sites and utilized auto stores, however purchasing the auto from an approved merchant encourages you spare a significant measure of cash with the additional 50,000 miles on the first guarantee. At the point when all’s said and done, an approved BMW merchant will give incredible administration and after deals bolster than heading off to a store or sale site.